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Nov 24 2023

What's New for 2024?

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Updated Website

We have updated our Website with all the new information for the 2024 Season!  Make sure you check it all out!


Our Registration Software & Team App

You will find that we have streamlined our Registration Forms for 2024 - making it easier to Register!

You can find information here on the new TeamLinkt App.  Note the Toolkit at the bottom - it's your very own "how-to" manual!


Expanded Girls Programming

In 2022, we placed an emphasis on #GirlsWithGame, and in 2024 we are increasing our focus in this space!  We added Cydnie Moore as our new Vice President of Girls Baseball at our 2023 AGM - and she is continuing to spearhead all of our initiatives in this space!

Here are some of the things we are working on for our GirlsWithGame Initiative:

  • 3rd Annual GirlsWithGameYYC Clinic - May 27th
  • Additional All-Girls Team Options
    • Expanding the boundaries for All-Girls Teams to across North Calgary
    • Please make sure you select the proper Registration Form for the ALL-GIRLS Team Options
  • Expanded Age Brackets for Girls (Minors and Above)
    • Starting in the Minors Age Groups, you have the OPTION to Remain in a Division for an additional year.
    • This Means that the Age Brackets for Girls are as follows
      • Minors - 9,10 and 11 Year Olds*
      • Majors - 11, 12 and 13 Year Olds*
      • Juniors - 13, 14 and 15 Year Olds*
      • Seniors - 15, 16 and 17 Year Olds*
      • You will need to register in your "proper" age bracket and during the custom questions you will be asked if you would like to play an additional year in the younger age bracket.

                             *Little League Age Brackets

NOTE - we are currently working with Little League Alberta to allow these same age brackets for the Summer Ball Program.  
Unfortunately if you wish to particiapte in any Little League World Series Tournament Path Team (Majors AAA Summer Tournament Team, Junior AAA, Senior AAA) you MUST participate in your regular age bracket as defined by the Little League Rule Book


Group Registration (T-Ball and Rookie Ball)

In both the T-ball and Rookie Ball divisions, when you register you will have the ability to create a "small group".  When you complete your registration - you will be provided with a code - share that code with your friends.  If they register by using that code - it will link you in our registration system for this year, and make it easier for us to assign you all on the same team! Friend requests will ONLY be accepted via Small Group Codes in 2024 - so make sure you get together with your friends before you begin registering. If you have questions - do not hesitate to contact our Registrar.

*Note we do not offer this in any additional division as there are Evaluations and teams are formed for a competitive balance. Thank you for your understanding!


Majors/National League

If you have kids in the Majors/National League age group (11 and 12 Year Olds on the Little League Age Chart) you will have the option to designate where you would like your player to evaluate at initially. (MORE BELOW)

The Majors Division is a higher level of competition between teams within the Little League Alberta District 3 (North Calgary) and may play some exhibition games against other associations outside of those boundaries as well.  Depending on registration numbers and skill levels we may form up to 2 teams at this level. Additionally there are discussions at the District level to tier this offering based upon skill.  PLEASE NOTE - Registration for the MAJORS Division will close early in February and Evaluations will take place in Early to Mid-February.  The reason for this is that these teams will begin practicing indoors during February until later April.  Should your player make one of our Majors team, you will be invoiced an additional Indoor Training Fee (amount noted above) to cover these costs. Should your player NOT make one of the Majors teams, they will be moved into the National League for an additional Evalutation and Team Placement.

The National League Division is a division for our 11 and 12 year olds who do not make it on to a Majors Team.  In 2022 we had this division play games against other National League teams from neighbouring Associations - and we believe this will occur again for the 2023 season.  The players in the National League will evaluate in Mid-March and will be assigned to a team to begin practicing outdoors beginning in Mid-April.

When you go to Register your 11 and 12 year olds - you will need to choose either the MAJORS or NATIONAL LEAGUE option.  IF your choose Majors for your child/children - and they do not succesfully make one of our Majors Teams, then they will automatically be moved to the National League.


If you have kids in the Minors/American League age group (9 and 10 Year Old on the Little League Age Chart) your player will be assigned to one of the 2 divisions for that age group.  The differences between the 2 divisions is the skill set where players are beginning from. The Minors division will be playing against higher level of competition from across the Little League Alberta District 3 (North Calgary), and may play some exhibition games against other associations outside of those boundaries as well. Depending on registration numbers and skill levels we may form up to 2 teams at this level.  The American League teams will make up their own internal division only with Centennial Little League teams and play on our home diamonds.

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