What is a Care Card?

Coaches, the Care Card is brought to you from our partnership with Day1Dads.  By scanning the QR Code on the back of your Care Card we provided you, you can get direct access to Mental Health resources, should you need them?  Our Coaches commit so much time and effrot towards all our kids, we felt it important to make sure we were supporting them!   While Day1Dads is focused primarliy on Men - the resources shared are valuable for all individuals?

Here is a letter from Day1Dads outlining the Card and its functionality:




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Board of Directors
Name: Shawn Botterill
Position: President
Name: Layne Greenway
Position: Treasurer
Name: Ryan Sadler
Position: Vice President
Name: Cydnie Moore
Position: Vice President of Girls Baseball
Name: Michael Zafur
Position: Safety Coordinator
Name: Danya Tesarski
Position: Secretary
Name: Melanie Alexander
Position: Equipment Manager
Name: Kiran Johal-Brar
Position: Registrar
Name: Cody Huston
Position: Player Agent
Name: Aiden Kneller
Position: Umpire in Chief
Name: Hollie S.
Position: Administrator