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Nov 24 2023


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Every year we always get numerous requests in T-Ball and Rookie Ball - and it can be a bit of a challenge keeping them all straight.

One of the Reasons we moved over to the TeamLinkt Registration Platorm is for a feature they have called Small Groups.  This will enable you and your friends to link each other during your registrations and make it easier to ensure that we do our very best to keep you all together.

IN 2024 - for T-Ball and Rookie Ball we will ONLY be accpeting Friend Requests via the Small Groups Functionality!

So How does it work?

1) Talk with your friends on who will register first (this is important - it is a big challenge to merge multiple group requests after the fact). When you are registering you will come to a section called "Registration Type" and you will have 2 options in the drop down box under How do you want to Register -  As a single Participant or Create/Join a small group.  For a GROUP choose the Create/Join Option.

2) When you select the Create/Join Option you will be given 2 additional choices.  If you are the FIRST person registering in your group, please select the Green "Generate a CODE Button" - Write down or Copy that code to share with your friends after you have completed your registration. 

If you are NOT the first person registering, you may enter the code in the Enter Code input field and click Validate.  


And that is it!  Once you have finished your registrations, your registrations will be linked in the background, and it will make it easier for us to place you all on the same team with other players when we create teams.

We do ask that you please limit your groups to 4 or less individuals (anything larger sometimes makes it a challenge)

Also note that as a general practice we put siblings in the same age group together (unless requested not to).  However if you are going to create a group of friends please make sure all similar age bracket siblings are included and registered under the group.


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